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July 01, 2014



So good to see you're back!

I agree so much with you on the illness front. I'm a believer that fevers and illnesses aren't necessarily bad, and I don't treat fevers unless they're above 38.5 (about 101.5F I think?). Oisin always developed fevers when he was growing. They would last about three days, and he would not be ill, he would just have a fever and would sleep a lot. But no wonder - when bodies are growing like weeds (like my sons both do!) there's a lot of physiological changes, bones lengthening, muscles stretching, the body's life-force working extra hard to grow and nurture. It's as though the body is saying "stop" to everything else, so it has a chance to just focus on this growth. Oisin has had very high temperatures over time - up to 41.4 (about 106), which are very worrying, but once they came back to a normal fever, I was happy.

I also think there's a couple of periods where babies get sick and feverish. It always seems to happen at about 9 months or so, when they're leaving babyhood and heading into toddlerhood. I always tell my mums in my classes to watch out for this and treat the fever if need be, but not to presume that the baby is very sick. It's as though the body is adapting, changing, moving into toddlerhood.

I do think the body has an innate way of telling us to slow down, take a moment, let me be. Let me grow in peace. Let me rest. Sometimes we need a fever or an illness to listen. That's not to say that there's not illness that need complete medical care too! We've had our fair share of illness that have needed antibiotics and medication - Ronan had scarlet fever - he was so, so ill and wouldn't be here if it wasn't for antibiotics! So they all have their place.

I have thought of you a lot this summer. We spent 5 weeks in the USA this year - starting in NY for a few days, then travelling by three-day train to San Francisco. Stopped in Chicago to stay with my best friend and her three boys for two nights. We camped in Yosemite. Drove the PCH from San Francisco down to LA, where we had a house-swap organised near Malibu. Even took in a last-minute road trip to Vegas. Our boys loved every minute of it. We shared our picnic on the train with an Amish family heading to white-raft in Colorado. Our boys played non-stop card games with everybody and anybody who'd play with them, leading an older couple from Ohio to (jokingly) call them card sharks. We swapped stories with the most beautiful drag queen on a subway in NY. Experienced the best and worst of US healthcare - an amazingly quick and fabulous hospital visit to get Ronan's leg stitched back up. 6 hours quicker than it would have happened in Ireland, and $1,700 more!

So glad you're back! Please stay here now!


Sending lots of hearts your way, Brooke.


So glad to see you back!! I was just reading your mums blog and saw the new picture of Camille, I would definetly say she and Temple might be just the wee bit related!! Beautiful beautiful!!


SO sorry about all of the sickness but SO happy to see you are back!!!


OMG, what a surprise, and SO glad to see you back! Satchel and Temple have grown up so much since the last pics you posted a year ago. You are the BEST mom ever. Your writing gets better, just like good wine. You took a topic that I would never have thought could, with the right words, be made into something so meaningful and important in life: barfing! Ha!ha! Welcome back. Please keep writing. <3


it brought you back to here...one more load of barf covered laundry and you got to write about it..I love that

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