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March 28, 2013


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can't keep my EYES off him.... DUH!


Wow! He looks a lot older than 10, even though I've been reading here long enough to know better. He's a beautiful (and I mean that, sincerely) young man, making his way down the "man path." I watched my boo rise above & become the 25 year old handsome stunner that he is right now. Seems the older he gets, the more I can't keep my off of him. The transformation has been amazing. Blessings to you & Satchel's bond. It will never wane. :-)


If I was at home right now, I'd be bawling my eyes out! Beautiful words! Congratulations on everything: Satchel's milestone birthday, your ability to put things so beautifully into the written word, the joy you share together, which includes the ache at watching him grow...


he is so much both of you...the combination is truly stunning.
I was told today by a neighbour at how well they thought Callum held himself in converstion and how sensitive to others needs he was...becoming 10 really is an achievement for all of us...the early window into the men they will be.I'm so proud of our boys and feel blessed to have been chosen for this role.
FYI...I literally ordered that shirt 3 days before this post came out..great minds and all that.
as always loving you all loads from the sunny north
Julie xxxx


oh, your words. i fucking love them! as my first born is on the brink if 9 (the 30th)i am reminded how quickly it goes, the evaporation of time. the meaning, the love. the gift of motherhood is so sacred.
your words are in the tangled weave of my mind, i feel them.
satchel is so beautiful, his light shines thru the screen...
may his next 365 days around the sun be filled with peace, love and joy! may his forever be blessed...

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