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January 17, 2013



I would love the chicken noodle soup recipe too please. It sounds just what is needed round here. Things pretty tough and (a new flavoured) homemade soup would just warm our hearts and bodies.


Even though I don't write lately I read your writing often. I feel so blessed you open yourself up to share like you do. Reading your words always gets me thinking, and thinking... Very happy to hear how life is flowing for your family. I am on the magnesium too, what a find, who was hiding that from us?


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hey honey..can you direct me to the sunshine soup recipe if its in your blog somewhere or where i can get it...kids are bored with the sausage and kale..good as it is xx

michelle dale

Beautiful and Blessed!

Catherine Sevenau

You write so beautifully Brooke. Thank you. Moma


Your writing is beautiful and soothing and full of hope. Thank you for being such an inspiration for trying to live more purposely.


Excuse my typos!!! :-)


I find myself checking nearly every couple of days to see if you've posted. Your writing & plain honesty is like a charge to my soul. Gives me hope that one day I, too, can find my place, my balance, my peace, my love. And maybe not beat myself up so badly for feeling all put of whack. But I think I love coming here because of how you express your love & joy for your family, yourself, your life. Especially today's post; I am feeling all empty inside. But after reading here, I feel like I need a 'tude adjustment. Hank you for letting me live vicariously thru your happiness. Blessings to you. Did I say your writing is incredible. Like reading a good book. :-) Blessings.


Checking in with a glass of wine after a busy day. Might be one of my favourite posts ever. xoxo D.

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