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October 24, 2007



What about 'Aura' for her name?


Having daughters is so incredible. Enjoy it. I dreamed of my oldest, and am now so happy that she is what I dreamed.


Molly and I are jumping up and down for you and yours! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll always remember walking on air after our big ultrasound. (I'd had one earlier to count limbs...lol.) Isn't it amazing and beautiful that your intuition was confirmed? What joy...


Ahhhh, what an amazing relationship you are going to have with her. It's amazing and right that you have a girl to shephard forth and share your life with. And she will have such a rich experience in the fold of your family. I'm so very happy for the completeness that having a girl will bring to you. Enjoy...


I love your daughter! I just adore and worship her.
She lives in a breathtakingly perfect and beautiful Temple. I am still hooked on Temple. And it sounds good with Satchel.

girls rock.


sweetsalty kate

Oh brooke, I read this twice or three times as well, and was so moved I had no words for you.

I'm back now with the only one that seemed best: hello. Hello sweet Lova, you blessed and beloved girl...


Okay, I in on the voting...has time run out yet? My mother (a hippie from the 60's) was going to name me Velvet-my aunt talked her out of it and I have always felt cheated. So, my vote is for Lova-what a wonderful story you would have to tell her about the origin of her name. Blessing to you and your whole family and once again, congratulations!


Brooke, I am so overwhelmingly happy for you. And so happy for this wonderful girl who is lucky enough to be your daughter. What a gift for both of you.

So thrilled for you.

Love to you and your beautiful family.


How about Sabiana. I loved the name, but it doesn't appeal to my husband. It was the name of the italian sales woman at Banana Republic--much less common that Sabine or Sabina.


Congratulations on the confirmation of your intuition. I had been pronoucing it (in my head obviously) as love-uh, less like vulva.


She came to you because she knows you need her as much she needs you.
I love her already.
I love you.


What a beautiful post...I just cried :o)

Congratulations to you, Brooke!


Yay! How exciting to get one of each... Girls are so much fun. And yay for big brothers and little sisters. I've always thought that was the sweetest pairing. In high school, all of my closest friends had big brothers, and aside from having secret crushes on them, I was always drawn to the loving way they looked out for their baby sisters. When I read this, and finished crying for you!, I immediately thought about what an awesome big brother Satchel is going to be and how all of her friends are going to have big crushes on your little heartthrob.

Lova, how perfect.


Oh, I am laughing and clapping with joy and excitement over here. I've been checking in over and over, but must have just missed this post before going to bed or waking up. A girl. A DAUGHTER. Brooke, you are truly blessed! I am so happy for you and the gift that this beautiful little girl is. May she bring you as much joy as Satchel has ... even more if that could be possible!


I like the name Isla. Means island. But I don't see it as remote or closed-off. I have a girl, almost 4.5 years old now. When I was pregnant I had no ultrasound, no tests of any kind, and was beyond convinced we would have a boy. But it wasn't to be! Very excited for all of you...and don't feel bad about Lova, my best friend's son called her unborn baby "Excavator" after his favorite piece of large machinery for almost a year. Even after the baby was born! make lova a middle name! I like it too!


What a happy day! :D I knew this time I wanted to find out, so that Sully could be a little more excited about it and have a name to call it by... when I found out it was another boy, I was over the moon. It's amazing to see your dreams come true, especially during a time where there is so much change.


Brooke, what wonderful, perfect, beautiful news! I am so happy to hear that Lova is joining your family.

What you wrote about having felt your daughter's spirit before her conception really struck home with me. I too feel like I have a daughter waiting for me -- as a "piece in space with God," as my son puts it -- and I wish I knew what to do to make my life ready for her to come to me. You give me hope.


I've been reading your blog for a long time and sharing your joy in this news. I'm really happy for you and your family! And... I quite like the name Lova... Sanne is a Dutch girl's name by the way ;)


Leigh used the right word...bursting. I am bursting with love and happiness and wonder and joy. Your daughter. Another girl. Sigh - I can hardly stand the beauty of it.


Big congrats to you, Brooke. I am really happy for you and your healthy baby girl. After having two boys, finding out my girl had come to me (as she was a complete, utter surprise pregnancy for us), I was elated too. It just felt right. It had been my dream, after all: two boys and a girl. So congrats to you, congrats.

Names: There is one girl's name I really love: Ayla. If you have read the story 'Clan of the Cave Bear,' this is the heroine of the story. She is a strong, independent, fierce (in a good way), girl. This had been my chosen name for our girl for years; in the fall of 2004 (actually, about three years ago next week), I m/c at 12 weeks. I had been Mama-sure that the pregnancy was a girl, and in my mind I had been calling her 'Ayla.' So as we moved on in life, I could never in my heart use that name again - because I'd already had an Ayla; she just never made it to us. I don't mean to scare you OFF this name should it appeal to you; rather, if you dig it, check out the story. It's such a pretty, meaningful name.

OMG - I just noticed that another poster above noted a Finnish version of this name! Perhaps there is something meant to be in it for you??!

Congrats again, Brooke!


I knew you'd be right. You're just that kind of person.

I'm so excited for you, Satchel and Matt!


I've been reading since before Satchel was born. I feel like a friend in some strange way. So, as a friend, I had to tell you the joy I felt when I read of Lova---my heart feels full. What is it about a mama-to-be? Expectant with Promise, with Possibilities, with Hope and All That Is Good In The World. I have no doubt that Lova will be welcomed into a most loving, adoring family----here's to abundant joy in this journey.


Holy Frijoles, a girl, a girl, a girl! Your daughter. I cried when I read this and read it twice just to soak it all in.
My Brooke, there is so much I want to say to you. I don't have words yet but know my heart is bursting full of love for Lova - your perfect little peanut - and for you. I can barely contain it as I sit here typing.
Does it get any better?!? Wow.
And those photos of her just stun me, the peek you got must keep you tingling for weeks and weeks.


I'm so happy for you. I am a mom to a boy (my firstborn) and two girls, and your entry reminded me of the way I felt when I had the ultrasound for my first daughter. All my life, I imagined myself as a mother of boys. I never even thought I WANTED a girl - all boys would have been fine. But when that ultrasound tech told me that I was having "a princess", I burst into tears on the ultrasound table. I was so unbelievably, unexpectedly thrilled, and your entry says it so beautifully. And let me tell you - little baby girls (and older ones too) have a way of stealing your very heart and soul!! You're going to love it, and I can just imagine Satchel being a wonderful big brother to her (as my son is to his two sisters). Best wishes and congratulations!! PS...I've been a lurker since your iparenting days. :)


Oooh you have me in tears. I am so thrilled for your family. What an exciting and amazingly emotional day. What a lucky girl!
Since we're done making our family and ours was a family of three boys (3 BOYS!!!) I'll pass along my girl names to you to ponder... Camilla and Lila, I also considered Lena. My girlfriend named her daughter 'Aiyla' (pronounced 'eye-la') which is also very beautiful (Finnish decent). I'm so happy for you and your family.

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