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January 31, 2012


Megan Clouse

Powerful! I've been controlling my food sources more and more. That's all I know what to do...


just keep buying from the farmers and spread it far and wide....
i love mynewroots.com shes cute and makes super whole foods mixes raw with cooked....
i have a box of truffles for you.... you can take photos and write a review!

don't be afraid. you can always come up here and squat at the farmers houses with me. or write a cookbook touring all the farms from there to here. i can do it with you and take the photos.


remember at the start of the year what your desire for this year would be.
Not to live in fear.
dont panic at this first hurdle, this is what they want us to do .
When we act/react in fear the outcome can only be fear based.
continue with doing what you love and remember that love/fear is energy that can not be destroyed, transmute and transform all the negative fear and never loose sight of your strength and the strength in all of us .

the 'matrix' know they can manipulate a frightened state easier than a strong confident state.
Obama,as much as i love him,is a pawn and will play out the role they need him to play, thats the sacrifice his soul must make for the notoriety of his ego.
You, we are more than that.gently stand against the flow and create a new reality...its all possible.

I love food BTW, just shit at making it happen.


I feel the same too. Very disappointed with Obama. But I guess we can all expect to be let down by those we vote for in some way. Its just so hypocritical when the First Lady campaigns for healthier food. Bet they don't use GMO seeds in the White House garden. I'm very afraid. We should just keep petitioning and refuse to be silent about it.


Yes - I echo all of your thoughts and concerns and tears. We can all sign this as a start http://signon.org/sign/tell-obama-to-cease-fda.fb1?source=s.fb&r_by=2105328 and all can post this petition to Facebook/twitter etc. lets fire it up. As I keep get find raising emails from Obama I'm reminded how he won - grass roots campaigning, tree dollars at a time. Let's harness some of that power.

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